Yeah, you saw the title. There's a blog now. I actually wanted to have this up when the website launched back in January, but unfortunately the software I used to build the site, Brizy Cloud, didn't support it at the time. That said, once blog support DID come out I had to rebuild the site since it only supported blog functionality for new sites. Factor in some laziness on my part, and I didn't end up adding the blog until a week after the functionality came out. Also, for some reason the navbar is smaller on the blog page than the home page. Don't really know what the deal is with that. Oh well.

Frustrations about Brizy Cloud and my own laziness aside, this blog is going to be a hub containing various thoughts about game development, whether it be retrospectives for my own games, thoughts on specific games not made by me, some general pieces about a particular bit of game design, and so on. Ideally I want to post something new about every week or so, at least until I run out of ideas for posts.

Not really sure what else there is to say at this point, so I guess I'll sign off now. Enjoy the blog!

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