This game was created for Newgrounds' Pixel Day 2022 Event. My main inspiration was the arcade puzzle game Klax, though others have noted that this game is very similar to some others I hadn't heard of at the time. While it technically didn't do too well among the other entires in the event (I think it was front paged for less than half an hour), it did garner the highest rating of any of my games to date.

A few days after it was uploaded, I was approached by Antonia Gates, a Coolmath Games representative who offered to buy the game for the site. Given that Coolmath was a huge part of my school life, I happily jumped at the chance to make it available on the site.

In some respects, UFO Blocks is probably the most successful game I've ever made at the time of this writing. How am I going to top this? Well, that's a question for future me to answer.

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